TAROT : Predictions 11th June – 17th June 2017

TAROT : Predictions 11th June – 17th June 2017
Tripti Chitkara

Tripti Chitkara originates from a long line of Natural Clairvoyants and gives psychic clairvoyant readings in addition to reading the tarot cards. She uses her advanced knowledge of ‘Western Astrology’ and ‘Numerology’ in giving out accurate predictions. She teaches psychic development through meditation & relaxation, which includes self-healing & self-awareness. She is a certified Grandmaster in Reiki, Advanced Dowsing Past life Regression and Hypnosis. One World News brings to you, yearly birthday predictions for those whose birthdays fall in the week TAROT : Predictions 11th June – 17th June 2017, 2015 by the famous astrologer, numerologist and Tarot Card reader Tripti Chitkara.


ARIES – This is a week for finding answers to questions you haven’t asked god yet. Expect a lot of work and spirituality communication and conversations this week. Romantically you find a relationship that is fun , loving and spiritual at the same time , exactly what you have been looking for. In fact , you are exactly where you want to be in all spheres whether romance , work or spiritually.


TAURUS – Nothing much is happening this week. This could either leave you unhappy and uncomfortable as you get no news or you can be wise and use this time for introspection and self development. The choice you make will decide the tone of this week. It is most definitely a week wherein you will learn wisdom and hence a lot of ideas you believed in will do a complete turnabout.
GEMINI – You achieve a lot this week , professionally speaking. You shine at the work place this week and are successful in any endeavour you take up. A well deserved promotion or pay rise this week is a possibility. Those who have applied to M.N.Cs for high up positions might expect success. Not much time for romance this week.
CANCER – Please be careful with important documents, money or other costly items as either misplacing them or a theft is foreseen. It will be prudent to double check your locks, and also carry out due diligence regarding online safety. Any job or work that you have applied for will only come through via connections.
LEO – Work and money related matters progress quite well this week. You might uncover a goldmine in the form of a client this week. The foundations of all previous and ongoing work too become stronger. In romantic relationships you will be much happier if you accept the person as he / she is rather than expecting them to confirm to your idea of an ideal mate.
VIRGO – All work , money , property and stocks and bonds related issues and situations are well favoured this week. It is a great time to invest in property or sell it . In relationship issues you are the boss and you call the shots so whichever direction you choose the relationship will follow. Also a good time to go into business with your life partner.
LIBRA – You might have to go through situations in work area that are difficult. Your fear of losing the job or greed over money could be the likely causes. Try and deal patiently with all situations both personal and professional. In a romantic partnership you will realize that emotional blackmail , bossy behaviour and tyranny only kill the relationship regardless of the sexual chemistry.
SCORPIO – Any three party deals will take a lot of effort but will eventually work out in your favour. In relationships it is essential that you figure out the root cause of pain and eradicate it to save what is good and let go of the negative. The jobs / relationships that haven’t been working despite hardwork will be let go of either through job change or divorce , respectively.
SAGITTARIUS – Your life right now is an indication from the universe that you need to make changes , or at the very least be open to changes ,both in the sphere of work and your personal relationships. You might end up taking a job that pays well but does nothing to satisfy you , because of the fear of a lack of money , but this job will open up your path to future success by providing you with a lot of helpful contacts.
CAPRICORN – You find yourselves doing a lot of mixing and matching or permutations The trick here is to find the right balance which is often found only in the middle path in any situation. and combinations of different scenarios, both in professional and personal situations, to come up with the best possible solution.
AQUARIUS – It’s a fantastic fun filled week of immense success. The office environment too is likely to be fun filled , chatty and generally party type atmosphere. Expect a bonus or some kind of monitary gain too. However , you are cautioned to make any foolish decisions with regards to money investment or heart related issues. Best to wait another week or so before deciding or making commitment in both these cases.
PISCES – A wish fulfilment, peace and calm after turbulent times should find you in a happy, joyful state of mind this week. There are new opportunities on the horizon, both at work and personal situations. Do cash in on them. When you wish upon a star your wishes are likely to come true. Any new thing started this week should show results by end of the year.

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Tripti Chitkara

Tripti Chitkara originates from a long line of Natural Clairvoyants and gives psychic clairvoyant readings in addition to reading the tarot cards. She uses her advanced knowledge of ‘Western Astrology’ and ‘Numerology’ in giving out accurate predictions.


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