Tripti Chitkara originates from a long line of Natural Clairvoyants and gives psychic clairvoyant readings in addition to reading the tarot cards. She uses her advanced knowledge of ‘Western Astrology’ and ‘Numerology’ in giving out accurate predictions. She teaches psychic development through meditation & relaxation, which includes self-healing & self-awareness. She is a certified Grandmaster in Reiki, Advanced Dowsing Past life Regression and Hypnosis. One World News brings to you, Tarot Predictions according to your sun sign for the week 9th June- 15th June, 2014 by the famous astrologer Tripti Chitkara.


ARIES : It’s a week when your past efforts get rewarded especially in the work area. New orders start coming in for your product. Partnership work is favoured. Expect a burst of social life where you will meet many like-minded interesting people


TAURUS : This week your intellect is honed very sharply. In fact you will find yourself taking all decisions with your head. The only problem with such a mindset is that you might be very cut and dried even in emotional relationships. Do take care.


GEMINI : NFor those working in creative fields it’s a wonderful week with many new and inspirational creative ideas. For others it might be a week of extreme emotionalism in even work situations. A new love might enter your life and take over all your mind space.


CANCER : Excellent week for partnership work. You will find a lot of cooperation even in regular office situations. Love grabs you by the soul in a definite undeniable bond. Times are good , enjoy yourself.


LEO : Any three party deals will take a lot of effort but will eventually work out in your favour. In relationships it is essential that you figure out the root cause of pain and eradicate it to save what is good and let go of the negative.


VIRGO : Times are changing for you. You can already feel the changes within and in your environment. You can resist if you want but it will be more beneficial in the longer run if you choose to go with the flow of life at this point.


LIBRA :Great success and recognition is your fate in work matters this week. A likely promotion, pay rise or a happy job change is definitely coming your way. Personal relationships are sober, mature and drama-free.


SCORPIO : You might have to go through situations in work area that are difficult. Your fear of losing the job or greed over money could be the likely causes. Try and deal patiently with all situations both personal and professional.


SAGITTAURUS : Nothing much is happening this week. This could either leave you unhappy and uncomfortable as you get no news or you can be wise and use this time for introspection and self development. The choice you make will decide the tone of this week.


CAPRICORN : The universe has decided to fulfil some wish in some area of your life this week. The exact nature of the wish is not clear and will depend on the individual concerned but this much is sure that some happy event will come into your life now. Rejoice!


AQUARIUS : Money and cash / property issues predominate this week with not much help coming your way from either family or friends or the universe. You stand or fall alone. It is therefore a good week to judge your own strength and potential.


PISCES : Some kind of an exchange of energy is indicated. If you have applied for a loan, scholarship or grant it may not come through the way expected but some type of help will definitely come your way. In case you are seeking some important information then you will get it if right people are asked for it.

Tripti Chitkara is a New Delhi based tarot card reader and can be reached at or on +919899766066 and through her website :





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