Surprising sex laws across the countries!

Surprising sex laws across the countries!
Radhika Srivastava

Check out different sex laws of different countries

Sex has become integral part of everybody ‘s life. Just like food, water, sex has become basic necessity. Wait did you know that most countries and major cities have their own set of sex laws?

While some are pretty cool but some will take away your minds. Here are 14 of the craziest sex laws around the world that will make you laugh out loud!

Just give it a look:

1. In China you can’t walk nude around your room you are permitted to do this only in your bathrooms.

2. In Alexandria, Minnesota, if a man’s breath smells of onions, garlic or sardines, he is not allowed to make love to his wife! Well, this is better one. One should use mouth freshners before making love.

3. In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, you are allowed to have sex in the car without getting disturbed. Nobody will disturb you.

Even the police are not allowed to walk up to your car and knock on your window. Car is best place to get intimate with your partner.

Surprising sex laws across the countries!

love making couple

4. In Oregon, a man can go behind bars if he curses in bed while making love.

5. In Hastings, Nebraska, every hotel must provide their guest with a clean, crisp nightshirt. Married or not, no couple can sleep nude or have sex without wearing those clean and crisp nightshirts! So, it’s compulsory to wear those shirts.

6. In Romboch, Virginia, it is illegal to have sex with the lights on. So, lights should always be off during having Sex.

7. In Arizona, it is legal to have only 2 dildos in your house. If you are caught with more, you could get arrested.

8. In Nepal and Bangladesh, you are not allowed to watch lovemaking scenes in movies. Believe or not but it’s true.

9. In England, you can not have sex on a parked motorcycle.

10. In Dubai, participating in PDA could put you in jail. If you are planning to visit Dubai with your partner keep this in your mind.

11. In Spain, having sex on the beach could get you a jail sentence.

12. In Iowa, if a man has a moustache, it is illegal for him to kiss a woman in public. Clean shave men can do this.

13. In Indonesia, you could get a death sentence if you are caught masturbating.

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