Super Summer Foods

Super Summer Foods


The scorching heat of summers is becoming unbearable and there appears to be no way available to make things simpler. The sodas and colas are not only unhealthy but also do not cool you for a long time.


Resort to healthy drinks and foods to keep you cool this summer.


Some Super Foods for Summer:

Here are some super healthy foods for summer to keep you hydrated and fresh in the sweltering heat of the sun.


These super foods are healthy and do not add up to extra kilos on you.



The famous adage ‘as cool as a cucumber’ is absolutely true. Cucumber is a natural coolant and has high percentage of water. Eat a lot of cucumber to keep yourself as hydrated. It also has caffeic acid and is effective in replenishing the lost water.



Carrots not only enhance your vision but also keep your body hydrated.


It contains 90 percent of water so eating julienned carrots to soups and salads is healthy and hydrating.



Watermelons are a summer boon and they are juicy crunchy and delicious to eat. They are enriched with calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium and suffice your body’s water requirement. All in all watermelon is a great summer food.



Apples are good not only for maintaining your heart’s health but also facilitate weight loss. Eat apples as mid-day snack to satiate your hunger pangs. Having a crunchy red apple is a definitely delight.



Cabbages are low in cholesterol and rich in vitamin C content. This green veggie has high water and fiber content and is an indispensable ingredient of your salad.


Super Summer Foods




Berries are another summer delight. They are juicy and delicious. Strawberries contain about 90 percent water and are used extensively in desserts, juices and ice-creams. Berries are healthy and effective in weight loss as they have high amount of fiber and minerals.


So eat healthy foods during summer to stay hydrated and beat the blazing heat!




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