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Sunanda Pushkar’s death case took a new turn

Sunanda Pushkar’s death case took a new turn

The case of congress leader’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’s death reached a new level. According to FBI dangerous chemicals in her body might be the cause of her death.

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The head of AIIMS Forensic Science department, Sudhir Gupta said that after carefully examining the AIIMS report the FBI team concluded that poison in her body might have killed her. He also said that the presence of radioactive substances in viscera samples could not be ruled out completely.

After analyzing the stomach, kidney, spleen, liver and urine, FBI told that the same poison was present in all the internal organs.

FBI also endorsed the AIIMS post-mortem report and again poison was revealed as the cause of Shashi Tharoor’s wife death.

On Friday, the AIIMS report was disclosed and after the analysis by FBI BS Basi,Delhi police commissioner told the media that Sunanda’s death was not natural it ought to be because of the presence of radioactive materials in her viscera.

A per the investigations and evidences it is clear that Sunanda’s death was unnatural. In January last year, Delhi police registered her death as a case of murder. But when

AIIMS medical board found poison as reason of her death the samples were sent to a FBI lab in Washington last year. The police could not strongly felt or do not completely relied on the FBI report, so they requested AIIMS medical board to analyze the contents of the report.

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