Strawberry’s healthy surprises

Strawberry’s healthy surprises

Strawberries are like a glimpse of summer.
The colour and taste
Makes me come alive.
The thought of days by the river
Fishing, time to watch nature
In all its glory
Then strawberries and cream for tea.

By Eileen Frances

Delicious, tempting and good for you, strawberries are the fruits, one can never have enough of. One World News along with Dr.Deepali Bharadwaj, a Delhi based Dermatologist, brings to you few benefits of this red, juicy and conical shape fruit which might surprise you to an extent that you might end up loving it even more.

Bright up your face: Strawberry is very healthy for the skin as it has a high Vitamin C content as well as a high Folic Acid content. Its chief skin friendly ingredient is Alpha Hydroxy Acid which helps exfoliate dead skin cells. Hence, a strawberry mask is a quick fixer as well as good for routine skin regime. Eating strawberries clears up acne, reduces oiliness, whitens the teeth and reduces puffiness under the eyes. It is also very good for the hair as it makes them shiny and glossy.


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Good for you and your baby: Expecting women are often confused about what they should eat and what they should avoid. It is said that during pregnancy one should be given whatever they urge for, but going by the changing lifestyle, women are indulging more into unhealthy food items. Strawberry is indeed one of the best fruits for pregnant women. The folate present in it helps in the development of baby’s brain, spinal cord and skull. Also, folic acid helps in preventing the baby from certain birth deficiencies.

Make your eyes healthier: Vitamin C is a very important element for the eyes. The free-radicals coming from the sun’s harsh UV rays, damages the protein in the lens, which can eventually lead to blindness in future. Vitamin C is also important to strengthen the cornea and retina of the eyes. Strawberry is considered rich in Vitamin C. Its antioxidant property can help in preventing cataract. Taking care of your source of Vitamin C is very important, fruits and vegetables are the best source for this.

Your path to shed weight: Strawberries are one of those fruits which are low in calories and rich in fibre. They make you feel full if consumed before a meal, hence, allowing you to have a lighter food intake. They are known to provide heart protection.


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Sharpen your memory: Presence of flavonoids in the strawberry can help in stimulating signalling pathways to enhance your memory. Adding two or more strawberries to your meal every day, would help you prevent memory loss.

Treat Constipation: Consuming fibre is very important to prevent or rather fight constipation. Our Body requires to be hydrated especially, in summers. So, eating more of foods which are high in water content can help you in keeping your body hydrated, bowel movements regular and constipation at bay.

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