Specially-abled ATMs

Specially-abled ATMs

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or cash machine helps customers to withdraw money from their respective bank accounts without the help of a human cashier. ATMs are placed in and around bank premises, near shopping malls, airports, restaurants or any other public place which is frequently visited by people.


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently presented a directive to all commercial banks for setting up new ATM machines with talking facilities for the differently-abled people. The RBI had advised both government and private banks to come up with such ATMs which can be accessible to people with disabilities in 2009 itself. However, it will be coming into effect from 1st July 2014 onwards.

All new ATMs will now provide audible instructions and Braille keypads to their blind customers. The RBI has also asked banks to avail wheelchairs for people who are physically handicapped, with the height of the ATM being in accordance to the person sitting on the wheelchair. Not only this, the banks would also be providing magnifying glasses to account holders with a low vision. It is a move for the people, who were so far being overlooked, to make use of these special services and become self-reliant.


Besides availing all these facilities, the customers are now authorised to know the functioning of their respective banks and claim its progress reports from time to time.

Some of the major banking institutions including the Bank of America already provide such services to its disabled customers, where they can also adjust font sizes to browse their accounts, with ease. However, the Indian banking sector has a long way to go this move will surely be a welcome change for them.

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