Sofia Hayat’s Act Of Blasphemy Shocks Nation,  Sofia Posts Love-Making Video On Om Shanti Om Chants

Sofia Hayat’s Act Of Blasphemy Shocks Nation,  Sofia Posts Love-Making Video On Om Shanti Om Chants

Sofia disrespects religion and hurts sentiments of Hindus

Sofia Hayat, an ex bigg boss contestant and self-proclaimed nun, posts her new music video on YouTube and Instagram. The video shows Sofia making love to her husband Vlad Stanescu, who is a Romanian interior designer and the couple being intimate on the chants of ‘Om Shanti Om‘.

Sofia Hayat's

Sofia Hayat’s

The video contains obscene content. The sentiments of Hindus have been hurt as she has used an auspicious mantra as a background song while she is engaging into sexual activities. Her husband is dressed as a Hindu priest and she herself is dressed as nun in one scene from her music video and in the next scene she is being intimate wearing a bikini.

Sofia posted a glimpse of her video with a caption that reads “My new music video and song is out now! Om Shant Om. Watch the full video on my YouTube channel exclusively! Please see the whole video on my YouTube so you can see the whole story of Om Ashanti Om.”

She further added, “I am Sofia Maria Hayat. I am the Ark of the Covenant. I am here now. We are entering a new era on earth. Unity oneness 666 333 999 1 0 10 unity 1 zero love. Wakeup children you are in heaven.”

Watch the video :

Sofia Hayat made headlines last year by turning into a nun. She also vowed not to marry and not to indulge into any sexual activities but that isn’t the case now. She recently got married to Romanian interior designer, Vlad Stanescu. She is very active on social media and she frequently posts intimate pictures with her husband, she also shares her strong opinions and views about sex, orgasm and spiritual energies.

She claims to be Gaia Mother and she also claims to be the reincarnation of Goddess Isis. She calls herself the mother of earth. She talks about Lucifer in one post and in the next; she talks about various Gods and Goddesses. She also claims that she follows all religion like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity etc, all at once. She portrays herself as an enlightened being but she is clearly far from reality. She calls herself as the Divine Mother of all. She talks about spirituality but her actions are completely opposite of what she claims to be.

She seems confused whether it is about choosing a religion or a job. She has been trying hard to gain some attention by her acts of Blasphemy. She certainly is not enlightened and neither has she had the complete knowledge of what spirituality actually is. What do you think? Is it just an act of publicity or is she really the mother Gaia?

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