Social Media has made us ‘Hollow’, here is why?

Social Media age is killing us!

Social Media has become an integral part of our live. No doubt, it has increased our social circle. We can talk to friends sitting miles away from us in just one click. But have you ever realized that this virtual world is actually killing us? We have become hollow from inside

Today, children no more enjoy outdoor games. One can find them playing games on Smartphones. Wishing birthdays and anniversary over phone is a passé. Birthday wishes are now confined to Facebook wall or whatsapp. So, where we all are heading to? A virtual world where everything is fake, right? Excess of everything is bad and understanding need of the hour is important. Our society needs more humanity, emotions and maturity.

Most known social sites
Most known social sites

Technology and Increased Crime Rates

The misuse of technology has actually increased the crime rate all across the globe. Sharing a lot of content on social websites (especially personal) is giving entry to everyone in your personal space. This has increased crime rate against women. Virtual space gives you liberty to get in touch with millions of people. Chatting with unknown people is another major factor that contributes in crime. So, it is important to take necessary precautions. You should always put privacy settings on your various social media accounts.

Being affected by social sites
Being affected by social sites

How our lifestyle has changed?

Phones, laptops and tabloids have now become our life. Just think if your phone gets stolen? What will be your reaction? It seems that our life has stopped, isn’t? We have become emotion less? Do know why? The main reason is that we hardly communicate with others. Today, bonds are formed over phone and they get broken over phone only.

We reap what we sow is an old saying. So just take a break and think about your future!

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