Social Activist Kamla Bhasin straight from her heart, Watch Video

Social Activist Kamla Bhasin straight from her heart, Watch Video
Roshni Kumari

Meet Social Activist Kamla Bhasin, her sporting attitude can spellbind anyone

Every second person can talk about women empowerment today, but actually one has to gather a lot of guts to stand against the so-called “society norms”. A strong woman has to face a lot of criticism and everyone cannot become an alpha woman. No doubt, India has come a long way in terms of women development but there is a lot more to achieve.

Kamla Bhasin

Kamla Bhasin

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Talking big things about women empowerment and equality is an easy task, but doing something towards it is not a child’s play. Everyone cannot quit his/her job for the sake of society. But there are people who are working towards our society to make it a better place not just for females but for everyone and one such name is Kamla Bhasin. She is an Indian developmental feminist activist, poet, author and social scientist.

Here is the video:

We recently got an opportunity to interact with her. Kamla Bhasin is a fountain of knowledge and a 10 minute chat with her can just blow your mind. Her oratory skills and outspoken attitude is just phenomenal. Here are few interesting things about her that you need to know.

She was born in 1946 in a small village in Pakistan. She had spent her childhood days in Rajasthan as her father used to earn the livelihood there.

  • She earned a bachelors and masters degree from Government College. Then she got a chance to go Germany for fellowship, and she worked there for a year where she trained German experts.
  • In 1972, she joined an NGO named “Sewa Mandir” which worked for the social welfare of the dalits, adivasi, women, and poor people.
  • Kamla Bhasin is a firm believer that everyone should enjoy equal rights in the society irrespective of their genders.
  • She calls herself Midnight Generation.
  • Currently, she is running a campaign named “One Billion Rising”. This campaign says if over a billion women are suffering and they all should get the rights to rise and develop. She is the South Asia coordinator of one billion rising. This is the fifth year of this campaign globally.
  • One Billion Rising campaign is going on in 207 countries of the world, and not only women are participating in it but all the youth out there are also participating in this campaign.
  • She never advocates feminism but she works for the all over development of society.
  • Kamla Bhasin says that India has come a long way in terms of women empowerment, but still we all have to work really hard to make this country a better place.
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