Should India also celebrate ‘Ride to Work Day’

Should India also celebrate ‘Ride to Work Day’

Each year US celebrates the third Monday of June as ‘Ride to Work’ day while we in India, celebrate this every day. The times are changing and so is India. The way each one of us is negligent about our carbon footprint and our contribution towards air pollution, soon the need of the hour would be to celebrate a day like this in India to promote riding a two wheeler. It is a good idea to celebrate a rider’s day in India, for it may change a driver into a rider for good. This would mean a car less on the road and more space to park.

With every driver turning into a rider, it would mean one car less on the road, little less pollution, better mileage per litre of petrol burnt and of course savings!


The times have started to change already. India is an emerging market for big motorcycle manufactures like Honda, Triumph, Suzuki, Kawasaki and others. These big motorcycles have been dream machines for many and will continue to do so. The 30’s something men are going back to their love of motorcycle after driving a car for years. Few of the ladies have also joined-on who share the same passion of riding motorcycle. The sales figures from these manufactures make the same statement. Thanks to the experience of driving a car in peak hour traffic which is stressful especially when one is just minutes away from home but it takes hours just because of the traffic jam. The way traffic is growing in major Indian cities, it seems soon the authorities will have to promote two wheeler riding for improving the traffic condition and importantly, for controlling the pollution.
While this may happen sometime in future, we should definitely join-in to celebrate the ‘Ride to Work’ day on June 16th 2014. Most of us ride a two wheeler everyday to work, so, why not dedicate a day to our beloved scooter/motorcycle and celebrate.

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