Shelter for transgender : Peshawar


Members of Peshawar district council, particularly women, suggested that a shelter should be established in the city for the transgenders. This should be done to ensure their security.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Salma Saeed said that no discrimination will be accepted against transgenders.

Saeed even criticized the murder of Alisha, a transgender activist, who was shot multiple times, and died in Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) due to their negligence.


Transgender Community, Pakistan

The staff of LRH wasted time in deciding whether the victim should be treated in male or female ward.

Saeed raised her concerns over the harassment and humiliation faced by transgenders in public.

“The federal government and provincial government both can support its establishment,” she said, referring to the demand for shelter for transgenders.

Announcing her plan to donate Rs.0.1 million for the construction of the shelter, she added that some necessary training about hairdressing and beauty salons will be provided to them so that they can earn a living by themselves.

The members of the Awami National Party suggested that schools should also be established for the members of this community.

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