Say ‘NO’ to workplace abuse: Few things you should never tolerate

Say ‘NO’ to workplace abuse: Few things you should never tolerate
Radhika Srivastava

Say ‘NO’ to workplace Abuse

Workplace is one of the most important places in our live. We all spend maximum hours on our workstations. From last few years issue of workplace abuse has overpowered everything in the workplaces.

What defines verbal abuse at workplace?

Well, Verbal abuse is one part of workplace bullying, which seniors do to their juniors in order to prevent them from doing their work. Taking just the verbal piece, abuse is defined as language that is intimidating, threatening or humiliating. It can include yelling, cursing, insulting or mocking the victim.

Workplace abuse is not normal

Workplace abuse is not normal

Why do people abuse each other at workplace?

It has become the trend now –a- days. On average men who are in power abuse their subordinates. People in authority always abuse their workers which is not ethically right. They are frustrated just because work has been not done properly or due to other relevant reasons. So, just to express their frustration or anger they verbally abuse. But if you have ever experienced this you should immediately switch your job.

It’s important to understand workplace abuse

Even if it is not happening to you right now, it’s important to understand workplace abuse and what can be done about it so that you can support other people who might be in that situation or know what to do if it happens to you.

The most important thing to know is that there is law against bullying or verbal abuse in the workplace in your respective country. If there is proper law against it, then use it. Always, distinguish verbal abuse from normal aggression.

You should try to deal with

You should try to deal with

How to deal with verbal abuse at workplace?

Now, the most important question is how to deal with it. The main thing you need to understand first is that the verbal abuse and bullying you are experiencing is not your fault. It is not because you are bad at your work.

Second, recognize that what is happening to you is not normal, and it is abuse. Do not say “oh, she’s just having a bad day” or “he has a bad temper” to excuse the behavior.

Begin by trying to talk to the abusive person about their behavior. Tell them you don’t like it when they talk that way and you feel they are being abusive. Or clearly remind them that you are paid for work not for this.

Some people secretly tape their abuser and play the tape back to them to show them their behavior, which they might not even fully realize they are doing.

But beware of the possibility that you won’t be believed or supported by people who should be on your side. The company may feel the superior is more important and try to protect them even when they are wrong. Sometimes the only answer to verbal abuse in the workplace, unfortunately, is finding a new job or transferring away from that person. Well, this is not the solution but if it’s possible try to make the particular person understand.

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