Saif Speaks about his Chemistry with Kareena

Saif Speaks about his Chemistry with Kareena


Saif’s marriage with Kareena made a lot of news and waswidely covered by news channels.


Everyone was speculating to see more of the couple together paired up in common films. But Saif says his chemistry with wife Kareena simply falls flat.


Saif will be soon seen with Ilean D’Cruz. Chote Nawab as Saif is popularly known as admitted, “It’s something that happens to me when I’m working with her, and I’m not as interesting on screen.”


He added, “I become like how I am when I am with her, which is not interesting. Normally, an actor is competitive, and that makes for good chemistry on screen. The chemistry goes a bit flat when you’re too comfortable.”


Saif Speaks about his Chemistry with Kareena



The duo has done few films together namely P Dutta’s LOC: Kargil, Tashan and Kurbaan.


Saif is heard saying, “It’s really difficult to maintain your identity as an individual when you’re in a relationship like ours. People are constantly asking you about your relationship. You’re promoting your film and someone asks you about the relationship and that answer is made into the headline. The way around it is the way Americans do it. Daniel Craig is married to Rachel Weisz, you won’t even know, he doesn’t talk about her, he’s not seen with her except for in some private function. And they’re both known for the work they do. Even a brand endorsement for us as a couple, we don’t want to do it because we don’t want to be projected like that, we want to be projected as individuals, who have a personal connection with each other. But in the public, the less you see us together, the better.”


Whatever be the reason, we are hopeful to see the two sizzle the silverscreen soon.




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