Roy: Press Conference in Delhi

Roy: Press Conference in Delhi

Roy: Press Conference in Delhi

Yesterday, the dashing hunk Arjun Rampal, the beautiful Jacqueline Fernandes and the versatile Ranbir Kapoor addressed media along with the Screenplay writer & Director Vikramjit Singh and Producer Bhushan Kumar, for their upcoming movie, Roy.

Before the open press conference, OWN had a one-on-one interaction with Arjun, Vikramjit and Jacqueline.

In conversation with OWN about Roy and why it took time to make the movie, Vikramjit says, “I had locked down my cast four and a half years ago, though Jacqueline got in much later in 2013, which was also the year when we got our producer Bhushan on board. Prior to it, we were just focusing upon working on the story. Roy is a story based movie and our main focus was to get the story right. Every movie follows a process where some movies take time whereas some are completed quickly. It is known that your first movie takes a little longer to complete compared to the other movies made after the initial one.”

Arjun told us, that inspite of all the time taken to prepare the script, finalise a cast and get producers, the shooting was completed merely in 55 days.

Roy: Press Conference in Delhi - one world news

They talked about the movie, and how they moved beyond the original script, with some creative improvisations which create some unique identities in the characters of Kabir, a successful Film-maker (Arjun Rampal) and Roy, a world class thief (Ranbir Kapoor). Initially the character played by Arjun (Kabir) didn’t have a fedora but it was Arjun who suggested Vikramjit to include the hat, as Arjun himself wears a hat when he writes in real life. He calls it, his thinking cap.

When asked about one of his favourite scene in the movie, Arjun told about a scene where he is supposed to show the frustration because of the writer’s block, with the typewriter, where he is blankly staring at the empty typewriter, according to the script, but suddenly he starts tapping a key and with every tap, it gets louder and louder. For the Full Interview Read (Insert Hyperlink).

Roy: Press Conference in Delhi - one world news

The Music, which has already been released, is already topping the charts, and Vikramjit tells us, that they were scared about the music initially but Bhushan Kumar created some of the most magical melodies, in sync with the movie.

We were worried about the music. But we were presently surprise. I have you guys a blockbuster album. Making a movie is not a one man job.

“Arjun and I have developed the character together. The whole crew had a common vision.”

Roy: Press Conference in Delhi - one world news

They talked about the movie and the alterations that were decided upon later, during the filming and were not present in the original script.

Jacqueline talked about her double role in the movie, and how was the overall experience.

When OWN asked, how difficult was it, to play a double role in the movie, she said, “It is not as difficult as it seems. It is like playing a different character for a different movie. And anyway today, most of the actors work on more than one film simultaneously. So, I used to get into the shoes of Ayesha who is one of the two roles played by Jacqueline; while on other days, she used to put herself, in the shoes of Tia, who has a completely different set of character traits.

Roy: Press Conference in Delhi - one world news

She also talked to OWN about how difficult it was to learn Ballet for the movie, and how, due to the difficulty in performing on sand, they blended it with some contemporary art form.

During the Press Conference OWN also talked to Ranbir, along with Arjun, Jacqueline, Vikramjit and Bhushan .

Roy: Press Conference in Delhi - one world news

How was the experience, of working with Arjun, again after sharing the screen in Raajneeti?

There is a backstory to it, so I will start from that. The first time I met Arjun was not in the sets of Raajneeti, but in a party, where I discussed about Rajneeti, as I didn’t know what the script was about.Arjun didn’t know much about the script at that time, himself and we went our separate ways. The next time we met, was in Bhopal and we called ourselves Bho”Pals” which consisted of Katrina, Arjun and I became this trio, this gang and Ajay Sir, Manoj Bajpayee, Prakash ji and Nana ji were the other gang. So it was like our Westside story. Arjun and I have become great friends since then. We keep in touch every day, as actors we both hardly get time but whenever we meet, we start off from where we had left, even if we left it in the middle of a joke.” He laughs.

Roy: Press Conference in Delhi - one world news

The story of ROY is about Roy, who is the greatest thief ever known to man, having pulled off impossible heists in every part of the globe. Kabir is a highly successful filmmaker. His first and second movie Guns Part1 and Guns Part 2 were based on this thief called ROY. Each part has a new heist; each ending was a different one. As the movie starts, Kabir Grewal is all set to get into production of his next movie Guns Part 3, and the third part is also about his favorite character “ROY”. Will the story change this time? Will Roy finally reveal his face to the world? Will he mess up his heist or will he be caught?

The movie Releases in theatres on February 13th. OWN wishes Roy all the best on the occasion of the release.

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