Robin’s Secret about Super Achievers

Robin’s Secret about Super Achievers

Do you do it for the love, or do you do it for the money?

Robin Sharma’s latest video ‘The SuperAchiever’s Secret’, has been launched. It raises the question of what attracts a person more towards his/her work- is it love for work or money? Apart from being a lawyer, Robin is also a prominent English writer, who is popular for his best sellers like, ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’, ‘Who will cry when you die’ and many more. Robin’s works have established globally and are sold in millions.

In this latest video, Robin has again come up with some unique ways of living better life. In the beginning of this clip, Robin introduces viewers with his idea behind making it, “I just want to talk to you about something, which is really-really important, which is- Do you do it for the love, or do you do it for the money?” And according to him the key is- “No master, no Picasso, no Steve Jobs, no Richard Branson, no Roger Federer, no Lady Gaga…..ever did it for money, they did it for the love”. He explains, “If you really want to get to world-class in your work and you really want to change the world, then you got to do it for the love of your craft”.


This is not the first time that something like this has been published on his website, while he often uploads videos which are filled-up to the neck with his teachings of how to live a better life? Not only in videos, he started spreading his knowledge with his writings and he wrote number of great works, which inspired millions of people’s lives. ‘Megaliving! 30 days to a perfect life’ was his first book published by himself and was edited by none other than his mother. Moreover, his second book ‘The Monk who sold his ferrari’ which was published in 1997, was translated to more than seventy languages and was published in more than fifty countries all over the world. The response to his writings and videos has been overwhelming, as people found them be inspirational and something to look up to.

Around 3000 people have shared his latest video via different social networking platforms. On top of that, this video has received number of positive comments. Iranga Siriwardana praised Robin on Facebook by commenting, “Truly inspiring as usual. You are truly a mentor and a teacher for all of us. You are simply great and the topic was very relevant to the most of us”.

In this four minutes long video, one can analyze and then transform his life. Dreams are dreamt to turn them in reality sometime, but often we get confused with the views of some of our dream makers, who could be our friend, parents, etc. But Robin advices, “Success is about doing your dream, not your mother’s dream, not your neighbor’s dream, …..YOUR DREAM!!”.

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