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Rajma Chawal the ultimate dish to satiate your soul

Rajma Chawal the ultimate dish to satiate your soul

Here are all things that relate to Rajma if Chawal is the love of your life!

1. When in the worst mood ever and suddenly you realize that there is Rajma Chawal in dinner.

2. Your mother knows the way to your heart is with the garam garma Rajma Chawal.

3. There are days when you went to a fancy restaurant, but all my heart really wants is Rajma Chawal.

4. That disappointing moment when you take a huge helping of Rajma Chawal in someone else’s home …

5. When your mother is trying to convince meet a guy for a rishta ..



6. When you go out for Mexican food and order a burrito plate.

7. When you know there is Rajma Chawal for lunch at home to keep your stomach empty for that.

8. When your parents are screaming at you about something, but all I can focus on is Rajma Chawal on your plate.

9. You know you are going to feel weak after the amount he ate.

10. Your ultimate goal in life is to marry the man who looks at you the way you look at Rajma Chawal.

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