Rajdhani and Shatabadi in New Avatar

Rajdhani and Shatabadi in New Avatar
Akhil Singh

Project Swarn has been launched for the makeovers

Now, these superfast trains will get a new look as the authority is going to put up some action for the betterment of their conditions.


Mainly catering and on-board entertainment

Now you will see a well-dressed up staff in these trains and you will also get some onboard entertainment just like people enjoy in flights. The makeover of 30 trains will be done in the initial stage that will be 15 Shatabdi and 15 Rajdhani. Due to various complaints from the people regarding toilets cleanliness, catering and some other issues like punctuality.

What is project swarn?

It is a programme that is launched for improving the onboard facilities and the better services for the passengers; it’s a three-month timeline project. This project will also look forward to the security of people during their journey and for this; the number of security personnel will be increased.

The total estimated cost will be around RS. 25 crore.

Some of the trains which will get under this makeover process are Shatabdi trains of Howrah-Puri, New Delhi-Chandigarh, New Delhi-Kanpur, Howrah-Ranchi, Anand Vihar-Kathgodam.

Mainly the project will aim towards the better services in the festive season that will be starting in October

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