Psychology Fact: Feeling Lonely? Approach a woman!

Psychology Fact: Feeling Lonely? Approach a woman!
Radhika Srivastava

Ultimate solution to the loneliness is a woman!

Every human being feels lonely at some point of time. A study has suggested that women are better at providing the types of interactions that reduce loneliness for both men and women.

Psychological studies that proved women are ultimate solution to loneliness
According to a study in which 96 college seniors recorded and rated every social interaction they had over a 2-week period, both male and female participants felt less lonely after talking to a female.

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Women excel at “getting you”

Believe it or not but women are expert in getting people out of the loneliness or depression. When you believe the other person “gets” you – or at least an aspect of you – you instantly feel more seen and known… a precursor to feeling more connected. While men are certainly capable of getting to know women and eventually sparking this “feeling seen” sensation in them, there’s good reason to believe that women spark it faster.

First of all, women are generally more comfortable sharing personal information than men are; men tend to be socialized to hold their private lives. This matters because – in an interaction once one person reveals something private, the other person is much more likely to reciprocate with their own private revelation.

In addition, female-to-female relationships tend to grow more consistently than female-to-male relationships, in part because women’s brains are better at remembering this personal information that’s been revealed and retrieving it at their next interaction.

They are good at getting you

Women notice and validate relationship

To be less lonely, you need to feel at least somewhat understood by the person with whom you are interacting but that’s not all. You must also feel like that person cares about what you are revealing. They must seem (at the very least) interested in what you are sharing or the potential connection will fall flat.
Women are better than men in getting out people of depressed and lonely feeling.

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