Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Meet Jinping In SCO

Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Meet Jinping In SCO
Akhil Singh

PM Modi to Meet Jinping: Ties are expected to grow stronger

The ongoing problems between India and China are not new. The Indo- China relationship is not very healthy at this pint of time due to many factors. The economic corridor is a major issue and the main cause for their fractions.

The usage of Vetto power by China in the favour of India’s arch rival Pakistan and the much –talked NSG issue has made things hard for both the nations. These are some major issues which are contributing to not- so- good relations with China. The SCO summit is seen as a hope for the diplomatic ties between both the nations.

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Modi Will Meet Jinping

The government reports have confirmed that Indian PM Narendra Modi will meet Jinping today. This will be the first meeting between India and China leaders this year. A lot of issues are there to be discussed hence the highlights will be India’s boycott of OBOR. The diplomacy is the main factor between these meetings. Notably, Russian President will also attend OBOR.

NSG Membership will be discussed

NSG membership will also be discussed, the issue for which India is still struggling. China has strictly restrained India’s NSG membership as they are not in favour of making India a Member of this Nuclear Front. China’s reasons sound childish when they support their NO for India’s NSG membership. Reasons given by China were ‘India’s Atomic power is not known to the world and their membership cannot be given as a favour to them.

Pakistan’s Stubborn Attitude will be Discussed

The most disturbing Nation in India’s Eye is Pakistan, and there are several reasons behind this. The most problematic is the cease fire violations by Pakistan majorly in Kashmir, India has been trying to maintain a dialogue for a better relationship but Pakistan have always disagreed on the issues of terrorism.

The constant and unhindered support of China is motivating Pakistan to opt this way of dealing India.

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