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Presidential Elections: BJP summons all its MPs and MLAs

Presidential Elections: BJP summons all its MPs and MLAs

Presidential candidate likely to be declared shortly

The hunt for Presidential candidate is at it’s peak. The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has summoned all of it’s MPs and MLAs for a meeting in Delhi. The meeting will decide a name for the President candidate. The party may decide that a policital figure can be the next President. On the other hand, Vankaiya Naidu held meetings with the opposition parties to decide upon a name and get everyone’s support. Now, the cabinet will decide the candidate and may announce the name shortly.

Amit Shah, BJP

Amit Shah, BJP

To get support for NDA candidate, the BJP’s senior leaders held meetings with Trinmool Congress, Samajwadi Party and LJP on Sunday. During these meetings, Samajwadi Party suggested to declare a political figure as the President candidate, and on the other hand LJP said that it will support Narendra Modi’s decision.

NDA paces up for Nomination

During this political debate, National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has paced up to file nomination of their candidate by the 23rd of June. This is the only reason for calling up MPs and MLAs from across the nation. They will be signing an agreement on the nomination of the President. The government had paced up its meetings withother parties to decide upon a name for the candidate.

Senior leaders like Arun Jaitley and Vankaiya Naidu held meetings with many political parties of the opposition. Naidu, along with Rajnath Singh also held a meeting with Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi few days back to know their expectations. Sonia replied by saying that she cannot promise her support until a final name is declared by the BJP.

Pressure to announce name of a Political Figure

In the meeting with Samajwadi Party, Vankaiya Naidu directly asked for their support in the presidential elections. Ramgopal Yadav, a senior SP leader did not agree directly to give their support but suggested to declare a political figure as their candidate. He said that Samajwadi Party (SP) is in the favour of making a political figure as the President of India. NDA will have some more meetings and conferences in the next 2 to 3 days and then will decide a name. NDA candidate is likely to be declared before June 22 so as to file the nomination on the 23rd.

Nomination to be filed before PM’s foreign visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be on his America visit from June 24. In that case, NDA has full preprations to file the nomination for the candidate before or on June 23 in the presence of Narendra Modi. A nomination set is being prepared by BJP and the supporting parties. According to the sources, along with PM Modi, all the other senior leaders and the leaders of the supporting parties will have their signatures on the nomination set. It is compulsory for atleast 50 MPs or MLAs to sign the nomination set for the candidate to be eligible file the nomination.

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