Power Nap is Healthy

Power Nap is Healthy


Power nap is a short sleep taken usually in the afternoon.  It is thought to restore mental functioning. It is not at all a sign of laziness and something to be frowned upon.


Scientists suggest that a short mid-day sleep or power nap as it is popularly called is effective in lowering stress and enhancing cognitive functions. It simply refreshes you and keeps you alert.


Power nap can be defined as a short 20 – 25 minutes sleep during mid-afternoon. These naps enhance your right-brain activity.


Power Nap is Healthy



Benefits of Power Nap

Here are some healthy benefits of power naps:


Reduces stress:

Scientists opine that taking short naps are extremely beneficial for you as it reduces your mental fatigue and stress.


So take a break from routine stressors and have a short afternoon nap. It will make you rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed to meet life’s daily challenges.


Improves productivity:

If you get few minutes at your workplace, make good use of it by taking a short nap.


Nap is especially very effective after a bad night sleep. With power nap you will feel refreshed and energetic once again.


After a power nap you feel a little lethargic or groggy but after sometime you will become fresh and re-energized.


Power catnap is helpful in enhancing your overall productivity


Ward off a heart attack:

A power mid-afternoon siesta is useful for heart patients.


Researchers have revealed that if people at the age of 40 years had power nap, their risk of heart-related diseases was significantly lowered.


Mid-day nap helps you get rid of stress and keeps your blood pressure normal. So you are protected against heart diseases.


Motivated you for exercises:

Power naps keeps you motivated and energized for exercises. Insufficient sleep is an important cause for adults not opting for exercises and fitness regimes.


Get 20-minutes sleep in the day time and be motivated in the gym. So enhance your energy quotient with a cat nap.


After knowing the health benefits of power nap, do not feel awkward in taking out a couple of minutes and refreshing you self!




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