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Phillauri Movie Review: Friendly Ghost Shashi will win your heart

Phillauri Movie Review: Friendly Ghost Shashi will win your heart
Parul Srivastava

Phillauri Movie review is here

Movie : Phillauri
Cast : Anushka Sharma, Suraj Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh , Mehreen Pirzada
Director : Anshai Lal

Anushka Sharma’s much –awaited film Phillauri has finally hit the theatres today. Notably this is Anushka’s second movie as a producer. Anushka, who plays Shashi in the film (a friendly ghost) had created a hype on social media because of her fascinating character. So, here is the Phillauri movie review. Find out what all Phillauri is going to offer you?

Movie Review

Overall, Phillauri is a winner and that was much evident from the trailer. The plot of the story is superbly original and its take on cultural pressure is just phenomenal. The only problem is, the film is little stretched. The exciting and hilarious journey develops into a two- and – a –half hour that is full of romance. The poetries of Phillauri are lovely and it blend well with the bygone era.

The story of the film revolves around Kannan (Suraj Sharma) who is getting married to his high school sweetheart Anu (Mehreen Pirzada) in Amritsar. Kannan is ‘Manglik’ that is why he is asked to get married to a tree to solve his future problems post- marriage. He gets married to a tree and then finds that he is now married to a ghost.
The USP of the film is Shashi’s emotional story, which will keep you engrossed in the film. Anushka Sharma is as usual phenomenal in the film. She has pulled off her character very nicely. She has produced the film as well, and we must say she has balanced her both the jobs well.

Diljit Dosanjh has an incredible screen presence. He was at his best and he performed the transformation well. I rate the film 3.5 stars. It is a light – hearted film and a good option to watch this weekend.



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