PETN Explosive Found Inside UP Assembly, Yogi Adityanath To Seek NIA Probe: Here are few details

PETN Explosive Found Inside UP Assembly, Yogi Adityanath To Seek NIA Probe: Here are few details

CM Yogi Asked NIA To Investigate Everybody Present In The Assembly

Explosives named PETN weighting 150 grams was found in the UP Assembly which is a major security breach. The security personnel with the help of dog squad found an explosive on 12th July in the premises of UP Assembly. Forensic lab confirmed the presence of PETN, which is a very powerful explosive.


CM Yogi Adityanath has confirmed the incident today and further asked NIA to conduct a probe into the matter. He pressed for more vigilance in UP, especially in Assembly.

He said, “The packet of the explosive was found under the chair of the opposition leader. It was 150 grams of Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate which is enough to blow the whole assembly off. This shows the severity of the situation. I suggest that everybody present in the assembly should be investigated by the police and that the NIA should investigate into the matter.”

He further added, “It’s unfortunate that the largest Assembly of the country doesn’t have a Quick Response Team (QRT).”

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Yogi also said that the security of the state and the country is paramount and it should not be neglected. He urged the officials to not compromise in terms of security considering the on-going unrest in few parts of India.

As per the new security reforms in the assembly, Pradeshik Armed Constabulary (PAC) team will be allotted at every gate of the assembly and there will also be a full body scanner to prevent any harrowing situation in future. The state government is taking all measures to provide security and protection to the people and they are dedicated to curb terrorism out of the state.

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