Perfect Food For Game Night

Perfect Food For Game Night

Perfect Food For Game Night

It’s been a long and tiring week and the game you’ve been desperately waiting to watch is going live in a few hours. Nothing beats the pleasure of Beer and the perfect food to go along with the game. So what is the perfect food? Is there such a thing as a perfect food with the beer? Here is our list of some of the favorites that do the trick just fine.

1. Chicken Wings

Nothing beats the perfect blend of pleasure and happiness that one feels when sipping on some beer along with Chicken Wings. It’s like a match made in heaven. Chicken wings provide the quantity as well as the perfect taste to get you through the game and bring a grin on your face, even if your team lost.

Perfect Food For Game Night

BBQ Chicken Wings Source

2. Nachos

Nachos are another great snack to accompany the ice cold beer and does the job well to take care of the munchies. There are many ways one can enjoy nachos, sprinkled with finely chopped tomatoes and jalapenos or cheese or just plain out of the pack. Along with a jar of salsa, you should be settled to enjoy your favorite evening of the week.
On asking Aakash, a college student in Pune and a Liverpool fan about his favorite game food, he said “Nachos almost always do the job. They have accompanied me through the best games I’ve ever witnessed and without them, my beer is incomplete.”

Perfect Food For Game Night

Nachos Source

3. Popcorn

What’s the easiest snack you can come up with when you’re a bit short on time? Popcorn it is. Popcorn is healthy as well as a great accompaniment to the beer.

Perfect Food For Game Night

Popcorn- Butter Extra Source

4. Pasta

Italian food is great for any occasion actually. Be it a late-nighter you are pulling off during your exams or your favorite game or movie on the tele. Pasta can keep you content through any situation in life.

Perfect Food For Game Night

Italian never disappoints Source

5. Tandoori Chicken

We all would be surprised if this was not on the list. Tandoori Chicken has been a favorite since its invention. This super spiced chicken roasted in a tandoor has a special place in every Indian’s heart. It’s one of the best things you can have with your Beer because it’s perfect. The power of a well done Tandoori Chicken is not even debatable.

Perfect Food For Game Night

Never underestimate the power of Chicken Tandoori Source

6. Pizza

Italian never disappoints indeed. Pizza is one of the best game foods. Its cheesy, it’s tasty and it complements the chilled glass of beer you’re thirsty for.

Perfect Food For Game Night

A perfect pizza makes everything right Source

7. Chilly Chicken

At some point of time in our lives, we have all craved for the almighty Chilly Chicken. Chilly chicken is one of the most famous bar foods and when clubbed with a bowl of rice or noodles, it just adds a tinge of happiness to our lives. It’s comforting and it’s delicious.

Perfect Food For Game Night

Homemade Chilly ChickenSource

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