Pakistan to Aid Hizbul Terrorists with Chemical Weapons To Bring Unrest In Kashmir

Pakistan to Aid Hizbul Terrorists with Chemical Weapons To Bring Unrest In Kashmir

PAK To Fund Hizbul Militants, Proof Caught On The Tape

The news of Pakistan arming militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen has been exposed. They are accused of having provided chemical weapons to Hizbul Terrorist organization to bring unrest in Kashmir and to attack it. A leading TV channel on Wednesday asserted that they had access to audio tapes that reveal Pakistan’s plan and that the Hizbul members are receiving the weapons from them. Their report further asserts that Pakistan is planning and plotting against India and they are going to conduct a chemical attack leaving Indian Security forces in a surprise.

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In the audio presented by CNN News 18, an alleged Hizbul operative in an audio tape said, “Inshallah, we are going to get a lot of support from Pakistan… things are happening along the border. In days to come, Pakistan will step-up its anti-India game.”

He further added that since they have been using traditional grenade launchers till now, they have managed to kill 3-4 people and we will straight away use chemical weapon to bring more unrest in the valley.

Two Pakistanis were involved in the Amarnath attack where several people lost their life while making the Amarnath Yatra which is a spiritual and religious praying destination for Hindus from around the world.

The incident has shaken India to its core but still Pakistani Mainstream media is denying any involvement in the incident which is their old habit. They have been denying their involvement in any such terror attacks but India is determined to find proof and evidences to drag Pakistan to ICJ again.

Even after having access to the audio tape, it will be difficult to prove Pakistan’s plan for the Chemical attack in Kashmir, but security measures are being taken by the Indian Security Forces to push out Terrorists from the region.

Note: One World News could not independently verify these tapes as they are in possession of CNN news 18.

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