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Oh Gosh! Om Swami thrown out from the house of Big Boss

Oh Gosh! Om Swami thrown out from the house of Big Boss
Radhika Srivastava

Om Swami thrown out of the show

Bigg Boss is the most watched reality show in India, and people love it! But this is a fact it is getting nastier day by the day. And the person responsible for all the dirt is none other than Om Swami. But this time, he has gone a step too far. And he has been thrown out of the house. Yes, believe or not but that’s true Om Swami thrown out of the house.

Everyone knows that this week, the captaincy task was supposed to be between Baba and VJ Bani because both of them decided to opt for the captaincy and left the luxury budget task. In the episode, Bigg Boss announces the task where both Bani and Swami Om have to build their own pyramids while the housemates can take sides and destroy anyone’s pyramids.

Expectedly, the entire house teams up against Swami Om and breaks his pyramid. In a fit of rage, Om throws his pee on Rohan and Bani.

Following this bizarre incident, an infuriated Bani kicks him whereas Rohan repeats the slapgate episode once again and thrashes Swami.

Oh Gosh! Om Swami thrown out from the house of Big Boss

Om Swami

Entire Bigg Boss family united against Om Swami

Baba Om Swami always remains in controversy because of his behaviour and this time it was so discussing that he is out of the show now. Post this, the entire house asks Bigg Boss to take strict action against Baba.

After sometime, Bigg Boss announces that despite repeated warnings, Om Swami’s behaviour on the show has remained unacceptable and hence, he is immediately kicked out of the show.

Earlier, Priyanka Jagga was thrown of the show because of her unexpected behaviour. Just like Salman Khan evicted Priyanka Jagga from the house a few weeks back because of her unruly behaviour and attitude on the show, Bigg Boss has finally taken a strict call and thrown Swami Om out as well. Must say this is a best decision taken by Bigg Boss.

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