Offbeat cinema is what I love, says Deepak

Offbeat cinema is what I love, says Deepak

One World News recently caught up an opportunity to interview Deepak Dobriyal, an eminent actor, known for films like Dabangg2, Delhi 6, Omkara and Tanu weds Manu. Dobriyal who was born in Uttarakhand and completed his education in Delhi, worked with the ‘Asmita Theatre Group’ for seven years before venturing into movies.

His major plays with Arvind Gaur, the director of Asmita include Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq, Dharamvir Bharti’s Andha Yug, Mahesh Dattani’s Final Solutions and many others. The thirty eight year old actor has also won a Special Filmfare Jury Award for his performance in Omkara. Read on to know more..

What kind of movies do you like to work on?

Coming from a theatre background I always had the passion for offbeat cinema. So, I like that part of cinema the most. I would love to do biographical films on Dhyan Chand, Pinki Pramanik, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and many others. Only doing commercial films do not satisfy the actor in me.

Did you always want be an actor?

No. As a child I wanted be a footballer, swimmer, athlete or a badminton player. But after I completed my schooling, I was not even getting admission in any college. So, I did my graduation from correspondence and started doing theatre, full time. We used to rehearse from nine in the morning till ten in night. That was the time when I got to know myself better and realized that this is the profession where I want to continue for the rest of my life.

Were you very bright in studies at school?

I was, but only till the fourth standard. My father made me change my school after that. I felt very depressed after being isolated from my friends, teachers and school. That was the reason for I never felt like studying again. And, since then I became average in studies.

Did your parents support your passion for acting?

Initially, they were completely against it. They used to ask me to apply for government jobs. All my friends had a good job, car and also got married. They became well settled in their lives but I had nothing with me at that time except for my experience in acting. So, quite obviously my parents use to force me in trying to acquire a secure job. I think this has been a part of our society, when our parents see others doing well they want us to do well too! But I had made myself clear to them that I only wanted to be an actor. now.


Who is your role model in life?

Balraj Sahni sahib. He was an amazing actor and personality.

You have done theatre for seven years. How was that experience?

Amazing! I don’t know how much of acting I learned there but yes, I learned to observe the world and the human behavior with a different perspective. This was what the theatre at ‘Mandi House’ taught me.

What is your message for the youngsters who want to enter this industry?

I would say do not go for the crash courses. Short terms courses for three months or so are not worth it. There was a time when the students learned art from their teacher not for a finite period but till the time they excelled in that art. That ‘ustaadi culture’ is missing now. To be successful in any field, one must devote at least five years of learning to it, be it acting, dancing or any other art form.

Photo Courtesy : Sameep Tawakley, OneWorldNews

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