No hearing on Justice Karnan case

No hearing on Justice Karnan case

SC says don’t waste our time

Former Judge of the Calcutta High Court, Justice C S Karnan filed a petition in the Supreme Court for hearing on his case. The Supreme Court rejected his petition and asked him not to waste the time of the court. The Supreme Court also refused to grant bail to the former Judge. The SC said that the bench of 7 judges has already given their decision. There is no point of discussion on the issue.

Justice Karnan

Justice Karnan

The chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice J S Jeher has announced a six months jail for C S Karnan on May 9th . He said that Karnan is charged on contempt of court and the decision on his punishment is taken by the bench of 7 judges.

Case of Justice Karnan

Around a month back, the Supreme Court had announced 6 months sentence for Justice Karnan for contempt of court. From past few days he was not seen anywhere and was declared a fugitive. The police was asked to search for him and send him to jail as soon as possible. A non- bailable warrant was issued against Justice Karnan.

A senior police officer said that the 62 -year -old Justice was arrested by the Bengal police from a private resort in Malumichampatti in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He was on duty before this but due to his escape he did not receive a warm retirement.

Lawyers trying to save him

The lawyers on Karnan’s side lodged a petition to the President of the country to bail the Justice. Notably, the office of the President of India said that they cannot take any decision at present. The lawyers said that they have mailed and requested the President office to stop his punishment or to postpone it. Notably, Justice C S Karnan is the first sitting judge to be announced a jail.

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