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New Juvenile Justice finally got implemented!

New Juvenile Justice finally got implemented!

Rajya Sabha passed the Juvenile Justice care and protection for children Bill, which was signed by the president on January 4 2016 and now the Act has come force from Friday. In the new law, juveniles of 16 to 18 years of age, who are involved in crimes like rapes and murders, will now be treated as adults. The bill was passed in the winter session.

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Till now under the juvenile law those, who were found guilty in the crimes like rape and murder were tried by juvenile justice board and were sent to correctional homes for not more than three years.

Now according to the new law the Juvenile Justice board has to conduct a preliminary inquiry to find out whether the juvenile is guilty of offence. After the conduction of preliminary assessment the JJB has given option to transfer the cases of offences by such children to a children’s court

In order to remove the negative connotation associated with the word ‘juvenile’ it is changed from juvenile to ‘child’ or ‘child in conflict with law’. The revised law has included many new definitions.

Some of them include the definition of orphaned, surrendered and abandoned children, and petty, serious and heinous offences committed by children. The revised law has also been cleared about the power, function and responsibilities of JJBs and Child Welfare Committees (CWCS).

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