Never marry a person of same profession!

Never marry a person of same profession!
Radhika Srivastava

Here is why you should get not hitched with someone of same profession?

Marriages are made in heaven and we people do not have any control over it. But it’s important to keep in mind that you should avoid falling for someone in the same profession.

It can prove good at times but it might destroy your life as well. It’s good to be with someone who shares different point of view.

Well, marrying someone should be for love and respect. Whether a career choice is the same or different does not matter after a certain point, as you learn to iron out the differences and revel in the similarities.

But still with the passage of time professions will matter. Of course, doctor can marry a doctor, Engineer can marry engineer too. But, here we are going to discuss about the perks of marrying a person different from your profession.

Married Couple

Married Couple

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1. You can talk about something innovative everyday

Being in a same profession involves a discussion that you are quite familiar to. But in different profession involves topics that you wouldn’t have considered before or activities that you are going to be a part over the weekend and had never dreamt of. Going to an IT fest, joining a book club, or discussing how HR managers could help IT professionals in organizations are some personal examples. Having new things to talk about helps to battle the dull humdrum of life.

2. You will gain new insights of different fields

Being in a relationship with someone who is of not same field will make you learn about other fields too. That is of course no harm too you. Your knowledge about IT was restricted just to some programming languages and some gibberish that a few friends spent hours discussing. But when start dating someone who is in this field only, you will start looking at business with a more technical perspective.

3. Less arguments more discussions

If you get hitched with someone who is not of your profession there will be less arguments and more discussions in the relationship. When you broach a certain topic or series of events that happened at work that day, usually the other person takes a moment to imagine the scenario initially as he/she is mostly not used to working that way. In fact, it is funny how sometimes you can correlate and laugh at some things just because you have a different perspective on it. Surprisingly, you tend to have fewer arguments when you discuss work, especially because there’s no competition as the other person is from a different field. Competition will always be less.

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4. You will get another person’s perspective

If your husband or your wife is not from your field he or she will definitely give you a perfect advice whenever it is needed. There will be no self- interest involve. Sometimes situation requires all your mind so in that case another person’s advice might be very useful.

5. Balancing each other very well

You guys can balance each other very well. Being in different profession you people can understand each other very well. Not only from personal point of view but also from professional point of view too.

6. Home is home and office is office

Work-related discussions at home are few and a far between. Yes, you do discuss the important goings-on at work and other issues that warrant your significant other’s advice, but that’s about it. The fun behind having different career choices is actually doing something different that you both enjoy doing or discussing, not just work.

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