Neetu – The Family Girl

Neetu – The Family Girl

In the capital to celebrate the occasion of her brother’s ring ceremony, popular actress and martial artist, Neetu Chandra had a candid conversation with One World News. The actress expressed how she felt on this auspicious day and talked about her future projects and other plans.

It’s your brother’s engagement. How are you feeling?

Ever since the demise of my father four years back, due to cancer, there has been no celebration in the family. Now that my youngest brother is getting engaged, we are enjoying after a long time and I am feeling wonderful.

Out of all the places, why did you choose New Delhi?

New Delhi is a beautiful city. Moreover, the girl is also from Delhi, so we chose the capital for the ceremony.


Now that your brother is getting married, what are your plans for marriage?

‘Planning’ is like challenging God so, I never plan things beforehand. I will wait for the right moment.

Aren’t you missing any of your Bollywood friends?

Yeah, of course! I am missing them but I wanted it to be a private affair so, I just invited my close relatives and friends. Moreover, I have been born and brought up in Bihar, in a joint family so, I am a typical family girl.

Your dresses are always remarkable. Which designer do you go by?

Neeta Lulla is the one who takes care of all my designs. Her work is unique and special. So, even for my films like One Two Three, Rann, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and others, I followed her choices.

Which outfit do you prefer the most?

I usually like western outfits since, they easy to carry and very comfortable to wear. Other than that, I like to wear dresses of my brother’s brand-‘Anuradha & Abhishek’, who is also a fashion designer.


Tell us something about your upcoming movies.

I am working on two or three movies right now, out of which Kusar Prasad Ka Bhoot and Shooter will release this year or next, the dates have not yet been finalized. Besides, presently I am working on the Umrao Jaan (theatre) and have already staged nine shows.

Photo Courtesy : Ravi Ranjan, OneWorldNews

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