Need a Bridal Makeover?

Need a bridal makeover: Here are artists to visit this wedding season in Delhi

Every girl not just in India but all over the world dreams of her wedding day since her childhood. They wish to make it the most memorable day of their life. A lot of factors altogether are responsible for making that possible. From venue to catering to decorations to hospitality etc. Everything matters. So of you also need a bridal makeover. Here few artists who can help you out with this.

But what mattersthe most is how the bride and groom are looking because for rest it may just be another party but for them it is an auspicious occasion which they shall cherish for lifetime.
After all, which bride wouldn’t want to look their best and outshine the rest on her wedding day? Makeup artists work very hard to make that possible for them.

Since, major number of marriages take place in country’s capital, so let us have a look at few of the very popular makeup artists in Delhi whom the to-be-brides could visit for their special day:

Need a Bridal Makeover
Look your best for your wedding day

1. Ambika Pillai

She is the perfectionist when it comes to bridal makeup. Recipient of numerous awards for her great work in the field, Ambika Pillai is undoubtedly the one artist who could transform you into a dreamy bride. She owns 4 salons in Delhi only among the other states. Go and book the appointment before it is too late!

2. Sakshi Malik

If you are willing to support a classic yet contemporary look on your wedding day, then Sakshi Malik is the person you need to make a visit. With a lot of experience in the field and working for popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, Femina, Maxim etc. She could make you look swoon-worthy for your groom.

3. Anu Kaushik

With number of Bollywood and fashion connections, she is without doubt the most celebrated makeup artist in Delhi. Her expert hands could create magic to your face and hair without much efforts. That is worth a call.

4. Chandni Singh

In the field of makeup, she is known as Bride’s angel. Why? Because she could solve any problems related to your face with her magic brush. No matter the acnes, pimples, black heads etc., she knows how to hide them. She know how to make a girl feel beautiful despite their flaws.

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