Natural Pain Killers

Natural Pain Killers


Analgesics are effective pain killers but have side effects. The market is full of innumerable chemical compounds and preparations as analgesics. But have you heard of some natural pain killers. Well here are mentioned a few.


Cure muscle pain with ginger:

Danish scientists are of the opinion that achy individuals if given ginger in their regular diet. Ginger intake helps you get rid of muscle and joint pain. Even the annoying swelling and stiffness is gone with ginger.


Cure a toothache with clove:

Toothache is a terrible condition. You can chew cloves and make the tooth pain a history. Scientists discovered a chemical called eugenol in cloves that is a potent natural anesthetic


You can also add a1/4 teaspoon of ground cloves in your meals daily and this tip can protect you from plaque and bad breath.


Cure earaches with garlic:

Earaches are mainly due to underlying ear infections. Put few drops of garlic oil in your ear and see how your earaches disappear.


Experts say that garlic contains germanium, sulfur and selenium which are toxic to pain-causing bacteria.


So, next time if you have toothache or earache simply use natural analgesics instead of chemical formulations.




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