#My Story: Yes, I am moma’s girl!

#My Story: Yes, I am moma’s girl!
Parul Srivastava

Mother’s Day Special: #Yes, I am moma’s girl

This Sunday we all will celebrate Mother’s Day. This day holds a special place in our hearts because it celebrates the presence of someone, who has been with us constantly. Although I don’t believe in the celebration of Mother’s Day, but today I would like to share something very important with every daughter and son out there. A single day celebration has no comparison with the time and efforts that our mothers have invested in us.

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Since my childhood, I have grown up hearing that “You are moma’s girl” from my friends, relatives and sometimes from my siblings too. But now, when I am all grown up, I realized that being moma’s girl is the best thing that has ever happened to me. There are several reasons behind it. Actually, there is a misconception among most of us that moma’s girl and moma’s boy cannot be a mature, independent individual. Is there any scientific explanation behind it? No, right?

I remember my friends used to tease me, “Sab Kuch moma se puch kar karti hai”. Don’t you have your own identity? Are you a robot of your mother?

Today, I want to tell everyone that why I take Pride in saying – Yes, I am moma’s girl.

I am moma’s girl because:

· She is my biggest support system. I know no matter, what others say about me she is always there.

· She has invested a lot of time in making me the person who I am today.

· When the world was harsh with me. She came to rescue me and restored my faith in love.

She understands heartbreaks are difficult to handle

She understands heartbreaks are difficult to handle

· She taught me that work is worship. She said if you will respect your work, people will respect you.

. She is my biggest critic too. She shows me the truth and that has increased my decision making power.

. Talking about heartbreaks is so easy with her. Because now, we are best friends and as a friend she knows how does it will feel when you fail in love test.

. She is so fine at handling relationships. She always advocates the rule give and take.

. She has taught me to balance passion and compassion.

Last but not the least, she has made me emotionally independent. She says, “Invest me in someone who can admire you.”

So, now if people say that you are moma’s girl, I actually feel proud!!!

PS: This is for everyone who is reading this article. Our mother has given us life and she just want little bit of time from our life. So, do not forget to spend quality time with her.

Love you Mom! May you stay pink of your health forever.

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