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Movie Review: Salman Khan’s Tubelight hits the theaters today which has a universal message

Movie Review: Salman Khan’s Tubelight hits the theaters today which has a universal message

An entertaining movie with a good story and message

Salman Khan’s movie “Tubelight” hits the theaters today and the tickets are already being sold out. Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan has collaborated for the third time with Kabir Khan, director of Tubelight, Ek tha Tiger and Bajrani Bhaijan.

Salman always surprises us with his acting and movies near Eid, Tubelight is no different. He is playing a role of Boy Scout in this movie. His name is Laxman in the movie but he is often called ‘Tubelight’ by everyone. His character resembles his last venture “Bajrangi Bhaijan’s Pawan” but this time the director has taken it to a new level as in this movie Laxman is capable of stopping a full-fledged war.

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The movie starts from the pre-independence era, and it moves to Indo-China war from there. Sohail Khan is playing the role of his brother in the movie and his name is Bharat Singh Bisht. The fight against war starts when Bharat doesn’t return from war, and Laxman takes on the journey to bring his brother back. The journey is filled with difficulties and trouble.

Chinese actor Zhu Zhu and child actor Matin accompanies him in the journey and makes the journey worthwhile. Salman can be seen as innocent man-child. The cuteness of Matin brightens the theatres with happiness. The movie has amazing screenplay and storyline. Salman’s fans have got another reason to drool over him as his looks in the movie are to die for.

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