Monsoon’- The sex season’ is on : Here is all you need to know

Monsoon’- The sex season’ is on : Here is all you need to know
Radhika Srivastava

Monsoon is the best season to have sex: Make it hot and steamy!      

Well, monsoon has hit the nation and people are enjoying it like crazies.   The debate about how seasons affect sex lives seem to have been solved, as a recent British study has interesting insights to offer.  As per the study, June, July ,and August are the sexy months.

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People are more tend to engage in sexual activities in these months. According to a survey, conducted on 2,000 Britishers who were asked to share the month when they have the maximum number of sex sessions, it revealed June, July and August to be heating lives in more ways than one. It clearly indicated that people preferred having sex in warmer months rather than cold ones. Its bit shocking but we cannot deny the fact.

Women preference

Another study revealed the same thing. Another study conducted by an app, which analyzed 1.27 million users reported that women preferred having more sex in summer months. Forty one per cent of the total sessions they had in the summer, 38.8 per cent times they had it in the fall months, 36.8 per cent times in the winter months and 35.8 per cent times in spring.  In fact, women also reported having more orgasms in summers as compared to other seasons.

Winters : The killer of libido

February was at the last spot when it comes to people’s choices (Valentine’s Day, you are good-for-nothing)! November and January were also major libido killers. So, sexy months are already going on. Enjoy!

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