Mobile phone Addiction has ‘No End’ and it’s killing us!

Mobile phone Addiction has ‘No End’ and it’s killing us!

Did you know mobile phones can make you temporary deaf?

Mobile phone addiction is taking a serious toll on our health. It’s not a luxury anymore. In fact, it has become a necessity for all of us. Yes, they have made our lives easier, but excessive use of phones is adversely affecting our health. People are being addicted to their phone 24/7. It not only causes mental problem but also causes physical issues.

Mobile Phones

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Phone and its adverse effects

Usage of phone on a regular basis makes our eyes weak and affects our mental health. Frequent headaches and pain in neck could be caused by using phone.

Usage of phone leads to hearing loss. A lot of studies have shown that it’s not just loud volume that we need to consider, but we should also be careful about the electromagnetic waves of the phone. Loud music damages our ears and that leads to hearing loss. According to a survey, people using headphones for a long time are facing hearing problems at a very young age.

Electromagnetic waves secrets some kind of hormones which affects our sleeping mode. The radiation which comes out from phone while talking that creates negative effect on our body.

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