Meet the first transgender model to walk at the Lakme Fashion week!

Meet the first transgender model to walk at the Lakme Fashion week!
Radhika Srivastava

Meet Anjali Lama: The first transgender model

God has blessed everyone with their unique hidden qualities, one has to just find it. Born Navin Waiba to a farming family in Nuwakot, Nepal, Anjali Lama is all set to break the gender stereotype and become the first transgender model to walk at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017. Isn’t inspiring? Being a transgender she was subjected to a lot of criticisms. But she founded her own way. After finishing her school in 2003 doing several odd jobs to pay for her own education, Lama moved to Kathmandu and it was there that she discovered her true identity as a transgender person.

Transgender group that played a vital role in her life

Her life was not easy at all. By luck she met a transgender group that she had once met at a nightclub, introduced her to Blue Diamond Society – an LGBT rights organisation in Kathmandu. This group later played a vital role in Lama’s life, they helped her come out about her true identity.

first transgender model

Anjali Lama

According to report, she herself added, “I came out in 2005, and it was a torturous experience. I don’t want to repeat the cruel names I was called. When my family found out, they said I was dead to them. Only my mother kept contact, she gave me the strength to stand by my decision. ”
“It’s not easy being transgender in country like ours where awareness and acceptance is very low. You have face discrimination in school, within family and by the society. But when you know who you are and accept your sexuality and yourself completely, then there is no looking back. It is then that you move ahead with positive thoughts and beliefs.”
Her life was not easy but then she managed to chase her dreams. But being a model was not something she had in her mind always. It was her friends who supported and encouraged her to do something and move out of Nepal. Motivated by her friends, Lama decided to pursue a career in modelling and took training at a local modelling agency.

Lama’s journey to the Lakme Fashion Week was not easy

She has went through a lot of problems. She auditioned for the prestigious fashion show in 2016 but was rejected. And it was only after she worked on herself, her walk, dressing, make-up, pose etc that she got through for the 2017 edition. Lama now added that “Lakme Fashion Week is undoubtedly a great platform for me. It is an opportunity to learn and to establish a network in the industry. And although, this is my first international project, I hope to get many such international projects in future. “



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