Master of Band-galas

Master of Band-galas

54 year Tom Ford is famous as a designer for men and film director. His first film A Single Man won nomination for Oscar in 2009. Though by birth an American he and his family are settled in Italy and from where he controls his empire both as a designer and film director. Interestingly he is so influenced by the India, he started designing Bandgalas which are available all over the world.

Excerpts from an interview with Tom Ford:

How you are started as a designer?

I was fascinated by fashionable cloth since my childhood days in Texas. Infact my grandmother was so fashion conscious I had started following her. You can say her influence on me made me what I am today.

Master of Band-galas

Designer Tom Ford

What is fashion for you?

Fashion is a creative art but it is selling beautiful clothes which enhance peoples’ lives. Basically I am a commercial artist and that helped me in my creative world. About films it is purely creative work and nothing else.

What about your love for Bandgala?

I was always fascinated by Nehru traditional jacket and decided to go with it with our signature and specially woven fabric.

Since you have signature shops in India for men what do you think about Indian fashion?

Whether they are wearing Bandgala jackets, jeans and sports jackets their style of wearing stands out. When I opened a shop in Delhi the response was beyond my expectation. I believe Indian men are among the most elegant in the world.

Master of Band-galas

Designer Tom Ford’s designs

Tell us about your earlier days?

From 1990 I started working with Gucci as creative director and created highly successful collection both for men and women which include accessories, handbags and shoes. In 2006 he with his wife floated own fashion house and opened flag ship store in2007. I was fascinated by film making and myfilm A Single Man was released in2009.

Tell us about your men’s wear collection?

It is exclusive. I always wanted to create something which did not available in the market. My signature collection is a mix of traditional and modern and successfully created international style which is unique.

Your future plan for Indian Market?

I want to expland like to open more shops at different locations. My Women’s wear are also doing well.

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