Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti Suzuki the company that revolutionized the joy of driving a car back in the 90’s launched the Celerio in 2014. A small car with loads of features and a curve-in-curve-out design theme, what they call CICO. It is curvy all around and aerodynamically better however scores low in the looks department especially when you look at the back of the car. To me it seems that someone made a boxy back and punched it till it had the curves.

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Celerio did what Maruti 800 or Alto did years back, gained buyers with six months wait period for delivery. It brought Suzuki back in business when the other players struggled. The USP of the car was its automatic gear box with fuel economy of a manual, the first of its kind in a small car. Automatic cars do make life a lot easy in traffic and the drive – stress free! You would not have to worry about the changing gears or pressing the clutch pedal in your commute to and fro from work. Gear shifting is controlled by the electronic unit to control the clutch engagement and the gear shifting. And the electronic unit does it with precision, giving you more kilometers for every penny you spent on that litre of petrol.

As per Suzuki, the K-Next engine gives you Flatter Engine Torque with Drive-by-Wire technology. I say, just few jargons for us buyers but I do know it delivers the peppier drive as promised. Then there is a list of improvements like optimized compression ratio, reduced frictional losses, low viscosity engine oil and re-designed valves and springs. All this givers the owner better fuel efficiency reduces noise in the cabin. Isn’t that what we want and what companies should deliver. I think, hell yeah, they should!

Suzuki claims intelligent design has been put to use on the inside for making the most of available space and maximum passenger comfort. Two adults on the rear seat are comfortable but a third one becomes an adjustment. A word that has omnipresence in our life! The car does offer more room for head, legs and shoulder to the passenger than the other cars in its segment. So, I say, Maruti’s intelligent design did work. Most manufacturers like to bottle the same champagne in new bottles, and in this case, the Celerio’s Xpan Design is the 60:40 split flexibility of the rear seat.

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The dashboard has a curvy design too with AC vents, music system, and the controls taking up space in the middle of the dashboard. Thankfully, the analog speedometer and tachometer with digital display is where we know it, behind the steering wheel. The steering wheels have mounted audio controls on it – volume up-down, channel up-down, mute, and mode selection for switching between FM, disc, or Aux.

15 utility spaces have been smartly built into the design. We really liked using them. You can see them for yourself in this image or when you take the test drive at the dealership.The car comes in Petrol and CNG fuel options and the launch of a diesel variant is the talk of the town. For engine specifications, you can visit Maruti celerio’s website.

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