Martyr Day: Lesser Known Facts about Bhagat Singh, Shukdev and Rajguru

Martyr Day: Lesser Known Facts about Bhagat Singh, Shukdev and Rajguru
Inder Rawat

23 March marks Martyr Day: Here are lesser known facts about Bhagat Singh

On 23 March 1931, the three martyrs’ were hanged till death. Today, it is the 86th death anniversary of our brave revolutionaries, their bodies were incinerated on the banks of the River Sutlej.

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Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh

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Bhagat Singh was born on September 1907 at Banga, Jaranwala Tehsil, Lyallpur district, Punjab, British India, presently it is in Pakistan. He was a charismatic Indian Socialist revolutionary whose two brave steps of dramatic violence against the Britishers at the age of 23 made him the legend of the Indian Independence Movement. After his death, he became a popular hero. He died at the age 23 on 23 March 1931. He died at a very young age but his actions are well-known. Here are some lesser known facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh which will help you to know more about him.

Jalianwala Bagh Massacre

Bhagat Singh was the only 12 year old student who went at Jalianwala Bagh right after that massacre. He bunked school and went to the miserable venue from where he collected a bottle of mud that was wet with Indian blood and it was said that he worshipped that bottle every day.


Bhagat Singh was praiseworthy by the ideals of socialism from his young age. For more fascination he used to read about socialist revolutions that were led by Lenin.


He completely became an atheist and he gave up his Sikh religious belief.

The Slogan

Inquilab Zindabad’, it was the commanding slogan tossed by Bhagat Singh in his armed struggle against the British.

Shukdev Thapar

Shukdev Thapar

Shukdev Thapar was born on 15th May 1907 at Ludhiana, Punjab, British India. He was an above member of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association and he used to organise revolutionary cells in Punjab and some areas of North India. He was great and famous Indian revolutionary, who played a vital role during the India’s freedom struggle. Shukdev Thapar was a great devoted leader and he also trained the young minds at the National College, Lahore. He bravely participated in countless revolutionary activities and hunger strike was one of the major strikes led by him when he was in the prison in 1929. He is remembered now also for his astonishing contribution in the Lahore Conspiracy Case of 18th December 1928. Here are few lesser known facts about Shaheed Shukdev Thapar which will help you to know about him.

A Great Patriot

Shukdev Thapar, though was less popular and less written about than his mate Bhagat Singh. He was a fearless man and has the quality of being honest and having strong principles.

His Remarkable Efforts

Shukdev was famous for his remarkable contribution to the Indian Freedom struggle. He also made his contribution in the Lahore Conspiracy Case in 1928. His major contribution was the prison hunger strike in 1929.

Shivaram Rajguru


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Shivaram Rajguru was born on 24th August 1908 at Khed, Pune, Bombay Province, British India. He was an Indian revolutionary from Maharashtra. He was known for his participation in the butchery of a British Raj police officer. He was a member of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association, his aim was to get India free from the British rule. He had faith that brutality against maltreatment was much effective against British rule rather than the nonviolent civil disobedience favoured by Mahatma Gandhi. He became a fellow worker of Bhagat Singh and Shukdev, and participated in the assassination of a British police officer, J.P. Saunders, at Lahore in 1928. He participated in the Indian Independence Movement before joining politics. He was one of those freedom fighters who sacrificed their life for Independence.



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