Make your sex life interesting, here are some foreplay tips

Make your sex life interesting, here are some foreplay tips

Some foreplay tips to drive your partner crazy

Sex is interesting but after sometime everything becomes monotonous. People say that a relationship actually survives till the spark is alive. To keep the spark alive, occasional intimate moments are must. To spice it up, some foreplay wouldn’t really harm now, would it? So here are some foreplay tips to spice up your romance.

Here are some foreplay tips to make your love-life all too much interesting:

· Warmup

Before any sporting event, warmup is must. Same goes with sex. It is better to build up the atmosphere before doing the deed.

Massaging the length of legs of your partners till the upper thighs and so will build up some excitement before the main course.

· Likes

Most of the time, people forget to consider the likes of their partner. They often tend to please themselves instead of their partners.

In order to keep your partner interested, make sure you know what they like and if you are lucky, you may get the favour returned.

Make your sex life interesting, here are some foreplay tips

What your partner loves?

· Go easy

Sex involves the most sensitive parts of both the partners’ body, which is needed to be handled with care. During oral sex, the parts are to be handled by the partner such that it is pleasurable but not painful, otherwise it might serve as a cockblocker.

· Don’t neglect

During the long course of your sexual relationship with your partner, you must have their soft spot.

You need to pay special attention to those parts to make the experience more pleasurable for them. It might be a soft blow in the ear or the intense make-out. That is for you to find out.

· Kissing

Women love kisses. During all the foreplay, make sure to have occasional kisses. Not necessarily on the lips, other body parts shall do. But don’t forget that kisses make it better and pleasurable.

· Reward

Whichever partner initiates the foreplay, the other partner must reward his/her efforts by pleasuring them the way they like. It keeps the relationship balanced and nobody feels burdened.

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