Make ‘Masala Tea’ your best friend this winter!

Make ‘Masala Tea’ your best friend this winter!
Radhika Srivastava

Health Benefits of Masala Tea and its recipe

Well, according to recent reports year 2016 was the recorded as hottest one and now it seems that 2017 will be recorded as the chilliest. Not only Delhi, other states too are facing deadly winter this time. So, today we have come up something of your interest. Yes, make masala tea your best friend in this blood freezing winter it will not only keep you warm from the inside but you will also love its taste.

Homemade Tea Masala Powder or Chai Masala Powder a basic part in my spice-box for authentic spiced Indian Tea. Authentic Indian Tea is the divine drink of our family and homemade garam masala ingredients in tea makes it more delightful. This Indian spice tea ingredients enhances the taste of ordinary Tea.

masala tea

Masala Tea

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We all start our day with tea and masala tea not only purifies your body but also gives you a boost for a fresh start. So, here is the recipe for tea masala. Just take a look:

6 Basic Garam Masala Ingredients in Tea

1. 100 gm dried ginger powder or dried ginger (soonth)
2.50 gm cardamom
3.25 gm black pepper
4.25 gm cinnamon
5.25 gm cloves
6. 1 nutmeg


If you do not have dried Ginger in powder form, than first make powder from whole dried ginger. Do not directly put dried ginger into mixture jar, but first use mortar – pestle to soften it and then put them mixture jar to make powder.

masala tea

It will keep you warm from inside


Apart from this, Peel the cardamom and take out that black part of it. Don’t use cardamom with its outer layer. Add cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg into mixture jar and make smooth powder of it. Now in big mixing bowl, take dried ginger powder and all others spices powders and mix them well. It’s ready to use. Store it in container in room temperature.
Serve it hot!!!

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