Lose Tummy Weight Simply!

Lose Tummy Weight Simply!


Obesity is not only a cause of mental distress but also a reason for physical fatigue. Owing to your busy schedule, going to gym is not easy for you.


You desperately want to get rid of those extra kilos that are hideous to look at. Whenever you see your favorite saree or body hugging dress, you feel sad and dread the mere thought of even trying it, leave aside wearing it.


Belly is the most common site of fat accumulation and probably the toughest region to lose weight from.


Lose Tummy Weight Simply!


Oneworldnews suggest you simple ways to lose weight in the most promising and assure manner.


Step one:

Circuit training is best suited for those who wish to get rid of fat and build muscles at the same time.


Perform the circuit training exercises involving push-ups, lunges and pull-ups for one set of twenty repetitions. One minute of rope jumping should be done in between every exercise.


This way you can burn 500 to 600 calories in each workout.


Step two:

Next you should focus on your abdominal muscles thrice a week. Do leg raises and crunches for two sets of 30 repetitions each. Hold your body in push-up position on elbows for 40 to 60 seconds for three to four sets.


Step three:

Diet is an important aspect of weight loss program. No matter how hard you work in gym, unless you do not follow low-calorie healthy diet, your aim of losing weight will remain unfulfilled.

Avoid junk food, rice, sugar, chicken, beef or fish and milk products.  Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and low calorie milk products to expedite your weight loss.


Step four:

Reduce your salt or sodium intake as high sodium intake will cause water retention in your body. Use other spices (pepper) and herbs for flavoring your food.


Step five:

Everyday stress and anxiety can also lead to excessive secretion of cortisol hormone which promotes weight gain especially around the belly.


Resort to meditation and other mind-calming practices to avoid stress.





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