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Kohli talks about Anushka and we just can’t get over his sweet gesture!

Kohli talks about Anushka and we just can’t get over his sweet gesture!

Aww- Dorable: Virat talks about Anushka openly

It’s the first time when Indian cricket captian Virat Kohli has discussed about Anushka Sharma openly. The important part was that he tried to explain Anushka’s importance in his life. In an interview recently, he talked about those moments when he got many responsibilities in her presence. Virat and Anushka has been seen together often, but niether of them have discussed about their relation openly.

Virat Kohli with Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli with Anushka Sharma

Anushka, a lucky charm: Virat

Virat Kohli even declared Anushka Sharma as his lady luck. He even gave some examples to prove the fact. He told about the Mohali test series when Anushka was with him. That was the time when he got a call from BCCI and was declared as the captain of Indian Cricket team. He gave this news to Anushka and she was very happy. He said that when he was declared the test captain, then also Anushka was with him in Melbourne. He said that till now, whenever something extreme has happened to him, Anushka was always present.

They wanted to discuss their relations

Virat and Anushka has been seen many times at many places. From lunch to dinner dates to attending a function, both were seen together, holding each other’s hands many times, but niether of the two talked about their relationship openly. Even Kohli once got angry and said that he will not say anything about their relationship on camera. In the similar way, Anushka Sharma too, always avoided questions related to Kohli. She also did not answer any of the questions asked on Virat Kohli.

Anushka was declared the reason for World Cup loss

During the Cricket world cup in 2015, after the loss of Indian team against Australia in the semi-finals, the fans blamed Anushka Sharma for that. They declared her the reason for Virat Kohli’s short dismissal. The fans said that Anushka is unlucky and she should not be there with Virat Kohli. Thereafter, Virat Kohli reacted to all this and tried to save Anushka from controversies. He posted a message on social media and condemned those comments of the fans that targetted Anushka. He even requested his fans to stop those nonsence and creepy comments.

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