Kabir says introspect to find salvation

Kabir says introspect to find salvation

Kabir was a India mystic, who lived in Varanasi in the 1500s. He had no religious affiliations, and was a spiritualist to the core, beliving in the ‘unity of singularity’.

Kabir says introspect to find salvation


He often spoke out against superstitions, rituals, emphasising on introspecting, and internalising to shift one’s life.

One of his many such couplets’ or ‘doha’ is:

“ Maala pherat jug bhaya, mita na man ka pher,
Kar ka manka chhor de, man ka manka pher.”

This literally translates as:

“Millenia have passed while praying with a rosary, leaving the mind still restless,

Leave rotating the rosary, and rotate the beads of the mind instead.”

He has used the rosary as a metaphor, implying that we often look for external solutions to internal problems. This is because, we as humans love to play the victim. Victim of our family members…of society….of our bossess…of the world…of the universe…of God.

However, God, and the universe merely give us what we ask for. Our family, our situations, our surroundings merely mirror that which is within us.

By introspecting, and changing the inside, the outside, or our environment (our relations, our interactions, our situations, etc.) also change.

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