Its 140th Anniversary of Wimbledon: Few things you need to know

Its 140th Anniversary of Wimbledon: Few things you need to know
Radhika Srivastava

Google marks 140th anniversary of Wimbledon: Google celebrates it with a doodle

The search giant engine Google today celebrated the 140th anniversary of Wimbledon tennis by changing its doodle. The doodle has a green background to depict that Wimbledon is a grass lawn tournament. The audience has been shown a stick drawing of the letters G, O, o, g and e with stick – hands and stick legs. Notably, the letter ‘I’ has been shown as the referee with a mike.

Here are few things you need know about the Wimbledon Tennis:

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  1. The Wimbledon Championship was founded in 1877 and it is the oldest tennis tournament in the world.
  2. This year’s tournament has kicked off today and it will conclude on July 17.
  3. The first tournament was won by Spencer Gore, an old Harrovian rackets player, from field of 22.
  4. In 1884, the club added Ladies’s singles and Gentlemen’s doubles competitions. Ladies doubles’ and mixed doubles’ were added in 1913.
  5. From 1912 to 1924, the tournament was recognized by International Lawn Tennis Federation as the “World Grass Court Championships”.

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