India’s next President will be declared on July 20

India’s next President will be declared on July 20
Akhil Singh

EC declares date for Presidential Election

The game is on and now it’s time for India’s new President. Election commission declared that the voting will be done on 17 July and the votes will be counted on July 20. Pranab Mukherjee’s work tenure will end on 24th  July. The election commission said, ‘The deadline for filing the nominations is 28th June’.

Nandini Sundar

Supreme Court of India

Candidates Not Decided Yet

The race for the Presidential Election is on and the 2 rivals are again standing against each other to make it to the President chair. UPA and NDA, the two major fronts are standing there to gather the support of their small alliances but the name is not out yet. BJP the base of the NDA is majorly focusing on the small regional parties for making their statement strong in this presidential election. The party is busy in gathering the support from the parties like TRS, YSR Congress and two factions of the AIADMK. Discussions are also going on with BJD.

UPA’s Candidate Face

The United Progressive Alliance is also in a brain storming mode as they have not decided the name for their candidate yet, the pressure will be more on congress side this time because of some major facts that cannot be ignored. These are some factors, take a look.

  1. The current President is from Congress only.
  2. They are lacking behind because the number of voters are in NDA’s favour.
  3. The ongoing Modi storm- a psychological pressure.
  4. The continuous failure of Rahul Gandhi.

The Conventional Voting Style

Election commission is not in a mood of taking any chances, hence they have decided to conduct elections through secret ballot. The EC has also said political parties cannot issue a whip to MPs and MLAs to vote for a candidate.

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