India’s another solid reply to Pakistan in the UN

India’s another solid reply to Pakistan in the UN

India targets Pakistan on Kashmir issue

India targets Pakistan saying wants to move ahead with cheap politics. India gave its reports to the United Nations Human rights Committee (UNHRC). India reported that its neighboring country is supporting terrorism across the borders. India claims that it has proper proofs on the issue and is ready to provide them to the United Nations. Moreover, India also reported that Pakistan is trying to make the situations critical in Kashmir. India claims that Pakistan is responsible for the violence taking place in Kashmir. India has also given proofs on the Kashmir issue to the UNHRC.



Pakistan promoting terrorism in Kashmir

Having the rights to answer back Pakistan, India gave a solid reply to Pakistan in UNHRC under its section 35. India targeted Pakistan saying that it is using its political matters in the wrong way in the United Nations. India condemned Pakistan’s statement on Jammu and Kashmir. India called Jammu and Kashmir as its own territory and said that all the statements given by Pakistan are useless and they have to do nothing with reality. India said that Pakistan is using the methods of terrorism to create violence in Kashmir.

Pakistan always broke its Promises

Once again, in the meeting in United Nations, India claimed that it has proper and strong proofs against Pakistan. India said that only Pakistan is responsible for the mishappenings on the border area. India has also provided these proofs to Pakistan. Pakistan, instead of taking actions on these mishappenings, is trying to save itself and playing dirty politics. The main motive of Pakistan to indulge itself in low mentality politics is only that World’s eyes cannot catch what Pakistan is doing. India repeated the matters of 1972 and 2004 saying that Pakistan has always broken its promise and supported terrorist activities.

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